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I guess it's time to actually finish these.

Legend of Korra - "Day of the Colossus"
Legend of Korra - "The Last Stand"
Legend of Korra - "Venom of the Red Lotus"
Agents of SHIELD - "Turn, Turn, Turn"
Agents of SHIELD - "What They Become"

I admit I'm not passionately devoted to those particular Agents of SHIELD episodes - it's more that I like the idea of recognizing that SFF fandom likes shows other than Game of Who, and those seem like episodes SHIELD fans might be able to get behind. I mean, I did think the tie-in between the show and CA:TWS was neat and "Turn Turn Turn" seems like the right ep to award for that, but in general, I don't know, it's very hard to pick out an individual chunk of something I enjoy in its ongoingness.

The Legend of Korra finale on the other hand was the best thing to happen to my short-dramatic-presentation-watching eyeballs in 2014, no qualifiers.

some TV

Oct. 27th, 2014 11:04 pm
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Legend of Korra up through episode 4.04 )

The Flash, pilot. No spoilers but I suspect this show may be being made by people who were fans of Lois and Clark back in the day - cheesy plots, awkward expository dialogue, adooooorable leads. This could be either a recommendation or a caution. ::grin::
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Two fics and a bunch of art, all post-season-three. I gathered these, like, the day after I finished watching, but apparently need to get off my butt about posting because we're getting the new season starting *October 3rd*. (I know, what?)

links behind cut for spoilers in descriptions )
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Just watched final eight episodes of season in past two days. WOW. WOW has this show come into its potential.

spoilers, mostly squee at this point )
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I have watched the first two episodes. Overall opinion: favorable.

Watching notes and further thoughts about episodes 1 and 2,  )

Please no spoilers in comments for episode three or beyond, thanks.
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Okay, wikipedia thinks we're like halfway into the new season and I have yet to see any season 3 episodes go up on at all. Am I missing something? Are they not putting this season online? Does anyone know anything about this?
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[ profile] emsariel posted about Korra and reminded me that I never finished and posted my fantasy Korra seasons 3 and 4, so, uh, I did that. Still don't have the through-line for season 4 quite right, and we'd need more filler episodes, but, um, to be honest I really love some of this, so here's my pitch.

Korra fantasy seasons 3 and 4, long )
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I liked today's Daily Science Fiction story, Why Women Turn To Stone. I also really liked Lydia Waldman's story Silence, which is going up next week. (ETA: Silence.)

Dramatic Presentations! The Dramatic Presentation Hugos are divided into Short Form (under 90 minutes) and Long Form (over 90 minutes). Gravity, according to Wikipedia, was 91 minutes long, which I would almost wonder if they did on purpose except I can't imagine that blockbuster movies care about winning obscure SF fandom awards. (I also plan to nominate Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim to promote there being more things on the ballot that I can rank above The Hobbit... no, wait, Hobbit was on last year. Except I guess there's more of it now. Whatever.)

I was actually making this post in order to link to an available-online candidate for Short Form, the Legend of Korra two-part episode "Beginnings", but unfortunately I seem to have waited too long to do it and Nick has taken it down. This is a short clip that shows a little bit of the very nifty animation style used in the episode. Further on the episode is much less slapstick and more epic. I found the second half of the first part and both halves of the second part on YouTube but couldn't find the first half of the first part to link to. So, I guess this is technically not a best online science fiction or fantasy anymore.
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