Feb. 1st, 2017

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So this is basically the rest of my recs this year, with the exception of like five long stories I haven't read yet but might rec once I do.

three good Mike/Rome Magic Mike pre-canon stories

Shadows Thrown By Lightning, Newsflesh, "fictional Fictionals writing Real Person Fiction about other fictional people".

Savage Lovecast Episode 69: Pounded in the Butt by Savage Lovecast Episode 69 [Transcript].

Two for Tea, Questionable Content, Faye/Bubbles.

take my arms that I might reach you, also QC Faye/Bubbles.

Costis Ormentiedes and the Thief of Eddis, Queen's Thief fusion with Harry Potter, whee.

The Morn Is Hallowday, Tam Lin, Molly and Tina discuss.

The Reward of Service, Temeraire, Lawrence/Tharkay.

impediments, more Temeraire Lawrence/Tharkay.

A Dinner for Eleanor Marx, Tipping the Velvet, Nan/Florence.

His Feet Can't Touch The Ground, Turn of the Story, Elliot/Luke.

We've Only Just Begun, Turn of the Story, Elliot/Luke.

Spymaster's Duties, Tortall/Trickster books, Dove-centric.

Plans and Proposals, Uprooted, Kasia/Alosha.

The River's Daughter, Uprooted, Agnieszka.

Many Havens, Valdemar, Tylendal Lives AU.

Self-Reliance, Valdemar, Kethry and Tarma.

Never Getting Back Together, Vorkosigan, Aral writes to Captain Awkward.

Only Memories Mine, Vorkosigan, Aral, Simon, Jole, oh my.

The Huntsman's Reel, Vorkosigan, Alys being badass.

Interspecies Anatomy Lessons, Wayfarers, Rosemary/Sissix.

A House For Me, The Woman In The Wall. This story is by me!


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