Jan. 14th, 2017

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I bet you thought I wasn't doing Yuletide recs this year. Nope, I'm just doing them *late*.

Slowly Learning That Life Is Okay, a Buckaroo Banzai story.

A Storm by the Sea, Anne of Green Gables, Anne and Diana after Rilla.

Patient, Anne of Green Gables, Walter and Paul.

Seven Sexy Tips for Catching the Eye of Your Dream Guy!, Archie, Betty/Reggie.

Three Syllables. Ari/Dante. Not... actually... three syllables, but still super sweet.

Leave The Light On. Ari/Dante. Future fic, where they're meeting again after being out of touch. Nicely long.

Come Home to the Sea, Persuasion, Anne Elliot/Wentworth. Some nice pre-canon.

Far Beneath the Winter Snows, more Persuasion.

Prudence, Sense and Sensibility, what if Colonel Brandon and Elinor?

Through the Years, BSC, Kristy/Mary Anne.

Till Eight Bells Do Ring Out, Barrett's Privateers... In Space!

Catnip: You're Welcome, a Cat Pictures Please story!

read all about it, more Cat Pictures Please!

First Choices, a meta-meditation on LGBT inclusion in Chalion via a fusion of Chalion with modern America.

the right hand of the Daughter, Chalion, a nice Beatriz character study.

Five Times the Childlike Empress Wasn't Really There, a lovely multi-way crossover between The Neverending Story and other things.

Wish You Were Here, Chrestomanci, Christopher/Millie/Conrad, really good (you get to visit an awesome place, and there's pining).

in the library, with a smile, Clue-the-game fic, rather than Clue-the-movie. Miss Scarlet/Mrs. White.
psocoptera: ink drawing of celtic knot (ha!)
Justine Larbalestier's latest makes for very depressing reading given current events. It's well done, just, bleah. Nothing I needed. Major content warning behind the first spoiler cut, further discussion behind the second.
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