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February is 2016 short fiction month! Here are some stories from the January, February, and March issues of Lightspeed. I'm going to try posting recs as I go instead of saving them up for longer posts.

The Savannah Liars Tour, Will McIntosh. What if you could visit the afterlife?

Charlotte Incorporated, Rachael K. Jones. Created to be free, if she could pay off her birth-debt.

Not by Wardrobe, Tornado, or Looking Glass, Jeremiah Tolbert, always rec portal fantasy meta.

Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea, Sarah Pinsker. After the collapse. It's fucking surreal reading this shit now that was published 12 months ago, let me tell you. *NOVELETTE

Also, not to cross the streams in a weird way, but one final rec from Yuletide:

heart-tree, Uprooted, Kasia/Agnieszka, long.
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So this is basically the rest of my recs this year, with the exception of like five long stories I haven't read yet but might rec once I do.

three good Mike/Rome Magic Mike pre-canon stories

Shadows Thrown By Lightning, Newsflesh, "fictional Fictionals writing Real Person Fiction about other fictional people".

Savage Lovecast Episode 69: Pounded in the Butt by Savage Lovecast Episode 69 [Transcript].

Two for Tea, Questionable Content, Faye/Bubbles.

take my arms that I might reach you, also QC Faye/Bubbles.

Costis Ormentiedes and the Thief of Eddis, Queen's Thief fusion with Harry Potter, whee.

The Morn Is Hallowday, Tam Lin, Molly and Tina discuss.

The Reward of Service, Temeraire, Lawrence/Tharkay.

impediments, more Temeraire Lawrence/Tharkay.

A Dinner for Eleanor Marx, Tipping the Velvet, Nan/Florence.

His Feet Can't Touch The Ground, Turn of the Story, Elliot/Luke.

We've Only Just Begun, Turn of the Story, Elliot/Luke.

Spymaster's Duties, Tortall/Trickster books, Dove-centric.

Plans and Proposals, Uprooted, Kasia/Alosha.

The River's Daughter, Uprooted, Agnieszka.

Many Havens, Valdemar, Tylendal Lives AU.

Self-Reliance, Valdemar, Kethry and Tarma.

Never Getting Back Together, Vorkosigan, Aral writes to Captain Awkward.

Only Memories Mine, Vorkosigan, Aral, Simon, Jole, oh my.

The Huntsman's Reel, Vorkosigan, Alys being badass.

Interspecies Anatomy Lessons, Wayfarers, Rosemary/Sissix.

A House For Me, The Woman In The Wall. This story is by me!
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*The Greatest City in the World, The Golem and the Jinni.

A Funn Thing Happened on the Way to Cetho, Goblin Emperor, undercover in a gay bar.

red as red currants, gold as a lion's mane, Goblin Emperor, really satisfying future-fic.

An Unquiet Beast, Goblin Emperor, about Hesero afterwards, very sharp.

i wish i could get back there, Ghostbusters. This story was for meeeeee! About Erin and Abby and portal hijinks.

in abundance, Ghostbusters, OT4.

Selected Moments in Introductory Symbology, His Dark Materials, a Lyra-after story, f/f.

The War of the Worlds and All That, Jeeves&Wooster, alien abduction.

one another's all, Wimsey, poly negotiation w/Bunter.
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Thorn. Wouldn't be Yuletide without Dark Is Rising fic. Will/Bran.

Tell me in the glance of a hand, Demon's Lexicon, Nick/Mae post-series.

The Devil went down to Georgia (and totally got off with Johnny).

The Devil Sauntered Vaguely Down to Georgia, crossover w/Good Omens.

Digger: Reunion, a what's Digger up to in the future story.

How to be a Woman, Ex Machina, Ava/Kyoko.

The Minnow and the Dragon. Earthsea, about Yarrow.

In the Air, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, very canon-feeling, 10k.

Constant Companions, a crossover between Kushiel and Firefly (!).
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I bet you thought I wasn't doing Yuletide recs this year. Nope, I'm just doing them *late*.

Slowly Learning That Life Is Okay, a Buckaroo Banzai story.

A Storm by the Sea, Anne of Green Gables, Anne and Diana after Rilla.

Patient, Anne of Green Gables, Walter and Paul.

Seven Sexy Tips for Catching the Eye of Your Dream Guy!, Archie, Betty/Reggie.

Three Syllables. Ari/Dante. Not... actually... three syllables, but still super sweet.

Leave The Light On. Ari/Dante. Future fic, where they're meeting again after being out of touch. Nicely long.

Come Home to the Sea, Persuasion, Anne Elliot/Wentworth. Some nice pre-canon.

Far Beneath the Winter Snows, more Persuasion.

Prudence, Sense and Sensibility, what if Colonel Brandon and Elinor?

Through the Years, BSC, Kristy/Mary Anne.

Till Eight Bells Do Ring Out, Barrett's Privateers... In Space!

Catnip: You're Welcome, a Cat Pictures Please story!

read all about it, more Cat Pictures Please!

First Choices, a meta-meditation on LGBT inclusion in Chalion via a fusion of Chalion with modern America.

the right hand of the Daughter, Chalion, a nice Beatriz character study.

Five Times the Childlike Empress Wasn't Really There, a lovely multi-way crossover between The Neverending Story and other things.

Wish You Were Here, Chrestomanci, Christopher/Millie/Conrad, really good (you get to visit an awesome place, and there's pining).

in the library, with a smile, Clue-the-game fic, rather than Clue-the-movie. Miss Scarlet/Mrs. White.


Oct. 6th, 2016 07:19 pm
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Swarm, Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, and Deborah Biancotti, second of the trilogy that started in Zeroes. Spoiler cut for major spoilers.
Read more... )
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Hi Yuletide Author! I am very excited to be doing Yuletide again! This will be my sixth time and it's always so neat to be part of this! There is very little I categorically won't read (no squicks or triggers you're at all likely to stumble into from any of these requests) and I like a wide variety of kinds of stories (funny, fluffy, smutty, angsty, gen, romantic) - what I would really like best is that you have a good time writing for me!

Beyond this cut is pretty much exactly what I'm putting in my optional details boxes, but hey, here it is in my letter too:Read more... )
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I had trouble getting into this one at first - I read the first 25 pages weeks ago and then let it sit on my floor, unenthused about spending an entire book with either of the first two viewpoint characters. I eventually ran out of library renewals, though, so I gave it another try, pushed myself through the next 40 pages, and then devoured the remaining 500 as fast as I could find time to read. It really, really picked up for me once we met more of the characters, found out more about what was going on, and saw some of the bigger-picture conflicts that will presumably drive the rest of the series (I am very eagerly awaiting book two in September). Recommended, and I hope we see it as a Yuletide fandom, I want fic.
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Echoes of the Past. An interestingly matter-of-fact, less-angsty Dark Is Rising future, in which Bran is cranky about being called upon for Pendragon business when he's just trying to live a normal life.

Treasure. Another Dark Is Rising future, arguing that you don't have to remember something to feel its influence.

The God Who Climbs and Falls and Saves Damar. Aerin and Tor.

The Hero's Road. And here's Aerin navigating the crossing, from her life with Tor to her life after.

Mr. Boddy's Profile - Airbnb. Clue fanfic. Not the movie, the game. Hee hee hee.

Three Times. Short Chrestomanci fic in which Cat is adjusting to the job and Marianne finds a way to help.

Goddess By Another Name. Christopher/Millie/Conrad, grown up.

(Not) Like Uber but for Babysitting. Ok, this cracks me up, because it's basically the Baby-Sitters Club founding

Home is the Hunter, Home from the Sea and the Airman Home from the Sky. About Shirley Blythe after the War is over. Of all the next-gen Anne of Green Gables kids Shirley is the one I felt like I knew the least; this is lovely.

As Was the Style at the Time. Historical RPF, crossdressing, threesome.

The Peggers' Tale. In closing, a medieval-style poem about pegging. I love Yuletide.

(I ended up not reccing in "my own" current fandoms (hockey RPF and Check Please) because I always sort of have this intention to rec more generally, and it feels weird to just rec Yuletide, and, I don't know. Not intended as a slight to my actual fandoms.)
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not throwing away my shot. A post Grosse Pointe Blank look at Martin and Debi.

Heavylanders Never Learn. Girl Genius, about Klaus, and Skifander. I've more or less given up hope on ever finding out anything more about the central mysteries of Girl Genius - forget the A plot, we're bogged down in, like, the R or S plot - but this is a lovely callback to the days when the comic was actually about the characters I cared about.

Relocation. The most heartwarming Ghostbusters story ever.

Insoluble. I liked this one too, in which Egon is ace and Peter is curious.

Peace & Purring. Goblin Emperor, Maia/Csethiro, wedding rehearsals. Sweet and lovely.

Three-part Invention. Goblin Emperor, post-canon, a rumor.

An Account of an Evening Aboard a Train, in which Certain Truths are Revealed. I sometimes find Maia/Csevet too unlikely, given their roles, but this is a fantastic treatment of it, and a delight to read.

A Different Sort of Friends. Maia/Cala/Beshelar, very explicit, good if you're into that sort of thing.

The Alternator. A Fountainhead fix-it; excellent if you're into that sort of thing.

Better Late Than Never. Edge of Tomorrow, about life after time loops, 15K.

The Dark Places of Gont. Tenar and Ogion, not long after Atuan.

A Song for Ruatha. Menolly, shortly after Dragonsinger. 23K, gen, felt just like the books.
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Whoops, I was going to post these days ago and didn't. Imperial Radch time! Honestly lots of them were good, but I've chosen these to rec.

The Story of a Tea Set. A little backstory scene/episode tag for Ancillary Mercy.

Constitution Penalty. Another post-Ancillary Mercy story, in which there is the flu, and a sleepover.

What the Body Doubts. In which Seivarden has a close encounter; an interesting take on what that might be like. Spoilers for Mercy.

A Life In Service. And this one, in which Kalr Five tries to figure out the Fleet Captain. Spoilers for Mercy.

Everyday Magic. Nice little post-Howl's Moving Castle story in which Sophie visits Wales again with Howl.

Say Yarp to the Dress. Hot Fuzz, Nick/Danny obviously. :)

Games Day. A funny little Hitchhiker's Guide story, Arthur/Ford.

Goofus and Gallant Go To Hogwarts. Charming.

The Waiting Game. A very interesting little post-trilogy His Dark Materials story.

had we but world enough and time. And this one, more immediately post.

Hail, Hail. For the Mountain Goats song "The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton".
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Operation Luxembourg. I do like a good Bruno/Boots story.

there's a joke here somewhere and it's on me. Or this one.

Irresistible. No, this one! Bruno/Boots Veela AU, yay.

Christmas at Duke's Denver. Harriet Vane and her in-laws, a small but very nice story.

Solitary as an Oyster. I'm afraid I've forgotten who all the secondary cast here are, but this feels very right for Harriet, and it's very good writing.

Seasons Change. What if, later in life, Jo and Laurie... also Dan/Rob, which never occurred to me but works really well here.

College and Family. Lilo and Stitch, about Nani and Lilo and family.

Naamah's Gift. A Kushiel story in which Alcuin gets to have a nice time, which is nice.

Reaching for Sunlight. A 33K Kushielverse AU in which Melisande has driven the Courcels into exile, and Sidonie comes back to the City of Elua to do something about that. Well-written and a neat idea!

The Rummy Affair of the Brinkley Ball. Jeeves/Wooster, Madeline/Honoria, beards. Nice Wooster voice.

Gone. Inside Out drabble about Bing Bong.
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I have once again done the thing where I forget about Madness and my main collection and Madness reading get out of sync, oops.

Sea Change, a Persuasion short from Harville's perspective.

Reacclimation. Good Mark Watney voice in this The Martian postscript.

The Martian and the Earthlings. More Martian postscript, this one completely gen.

Of A Star. Johannsen POV, about her relationship with Beck, really lovely.

So much stranger, so much better. More good Beth POV. Possibly what I really want from The Martian is more women/women's POVs and fandom is so good for delivering.

Space Cool. On the topic of which, this story about Mindy Park and her career.

You Can Take The Future. Back to Watney and the OT3; I liked the handling of his PTSD in this, and the touch starvation.

oh man! look at those cavemen go. More Mark Watney. This one made me both laugh and tear up.

Lifehack. Okay, one more Watney, but it's very short.

Body Party. Magic Mike XXL, Rome domming Mike.
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Fed by Fables. I liked this Philadelphia Story story in which Tracy Lord's little sister is a newly-published writer corresponding with Mike Connor.

A Change of Allegiance. I like this little Persuasion postscript.

Scenes From A Marriage: The Hundred Days. Do you want Anne Elliot taking up arms in an Age of Sail nautical adventure and also negotiating some sexual exploration with Wentworth? Hell yes you do.

Long Live the King. An Old Kingdoms story about Touchstone, immediately after the events of Sabriel, struggling with kingship. Well-written and vivid, highly recommended.

Home (Is the Place You Return To). I don't really like Nimona stories that forget that Nimona is a monster, but this one is so well-constructed and charming I'm recommending it anyways.

Black Flag, and this one, which focuses on Ballister and Goldenloin.

"Just because it says READ ME". I have no idea if this is any good but it's a Nethack story and so I'm leaving it here for Chaos.

sea of islands, Moon, Sam/Sam.

mine own and not mine own, Midsummer Night's Dream OT4 morning-after modern AU.

And a story by me: Pas De Trois. Leviathan, Deryn/Lilit with background Deryn/Alek. A prison break caper story.
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a lesson in cartography. Lovely AU animal-transformation Uprooted story, Sarkan/Agnieszka.

first. Uprooted, Kasia/Agnieszka, what if Agnieszka didn't want Kasia to lose her virginity to the Dragon. Lush, emotional porn.

My Favorite Archenemy. Sky High, Will/Warren.

Textual Poaching. Redshirts fanfic. Meta-meta-fun.

for sins and false alarms, a Queen's Thief adventure.

you got me begging, begging, i'm on my knees. Queen's Thief porn, Costis subbing for his king and queen.

Reputations. A Protector of the Small story, about people looking out for Kel.

A Dream of Otters. Spontaneous shapeshifting Of Pregnancy! More Tortall, Daine/Numair.

Between Curiosity and Caution. Daine meets an octopus.
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A story for meeee! Let justice be done... is a Belle story about what her life might have been like later in life and her role in her community.

The Queen of the Soft-Touch Pirates. Women hockey players as space pirates, whee!

Not Quite Vor, Olivia/Dono, Olivia character study.

Collaboration, about Helen Vorthys.

Orbit. Simon Illyan, and Aral, and Cordelia. So sharp and well-written.

Small Spaces. Ivan/By.

The Iron Gates. The end of Diplomatic Immunity that should have been there. If you're only going to read one, I would pick this one - 10K of Ekaterin being stubborn and heroic.

Two Monks Invent Fandom. This is probably only funny if you're familiar with both the Two Monks thing and fandom, but if you are, ahahaha.

Shot Right Through With A Bolt Of Blue. Top Gun porn, Maverick/Iceman.

Ever Higher. And a Maverick/Iceman crossover with The Martian.

Wait For It is a Temeraire story that is very spoilery for the books, but very enjoyable if you're up to date on them. Post-Blood of Tyrants (book 8).
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Dear Yuletide Author!

I have no particular squicks or triggers to worry about. I like humor and angst and fluff and smut, gen and shippiness. I realize this is pretty darn useless as a guide but honestly if you're writing in one of these fandoms I'm more or less guaranteed to be excited about it?

O Human Star
O Human Star online here

O Human Star is an in-progress webcomic about a resurrected roboticist Al, his former partner Brendan, and his partner's robot daughter Sulla.

I am thrilled by the very notion that there could possibly be fanfiction for this wonderful comic. I'd be into pretty much any story you wanted to tell. If you'd like a prompt or idea, maybe something like Al & Sulla (or Al, Brendan, and Sulla) on a trip to the zoo, or Brendan & Sulla doing something together when Sulla was younger? Some kind of family interaction, perhaps where someone's robot nature becomes unexpectedly relevant? Or Brendan having sex with robot Al, if you like writing that kind of thing.

A movie that came out in 2014 in the United States.

I would be happy to get to see more of any part of Dido's life. Dido as a child. Dido as a mother. Dido with John. Dido talking to Mabel. If you are into doing research, Dido reacting to any interesting historical/cultural event of her time.

Magic Mike XXL
A movie that came out in 2015 in the United States.

So I thought there were two moments in the movie with real sexual tension: when Mike first watches Malik dance, and when he kneels for Rome and kisses her hand. I would love to see some more exploration of either of those relationships/interactions - Mike's mirror dance with Malik at the end had so much potential in theory, but I felt like they really dropped the ball on the possible homoeroticism there. I like the idea that Mike's response to Malik has both a competitive edge and a desire edge, and how might that play out. And Mike submitting to Rome was just hot. In general, I'm more interested in character dynamics and tension here than in whose body parts do what, but I don't mind that either if your story goes that way? If you're really not into Malik or Rome, I also really liked Mike's solo dance at the beginning, I'd be curious to get a look inside his head about how he feels about dancing by himself/for himself vs with an audience.
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Okay, so *now* I've finished it. Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman, sequel to Seraphina, both very highly recommended.

spoilers of course )
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This is the final Yuletide recs post (with the exception of one more fandom-specific recs post which will have some Yuletide stories and some not), hope you have enjoyed!

Winter Kept Us Warm, Summer Surprised Us. Okay, so, I would have thought that this Magicians story would have been everything I would dislike - an Alice who feels inadequate compared to Quentin, when my headcanon Alice is always, always ahead of him. And it's soppy about cats and pet ownership, which, bleeaaaah. I guess it turns out I like Alice so very much that I'm interested in any alternative Alice someone happens to imagine, even if she's come back a bit nerfed and pet-stupid.

Nimona. Look, I am pretty firmly in the camp of "everyone in main canon (as opposed to the gay dads AU) will be better off if Nimona is loooong gone from their lives". That said, All I Want For Christmas is a short and pretty adorable they-find-Nimona story.

And then on the other hand, When There's Nothing Left to Burn is a long (18K) recovery-and-reformation story featuring a Nimona that is essentially unrecognizable as the character I remember reading, but, like, if you think it would work for you to pretend that a seething nest of wasps is an industrious hive of bees making delectable honey, then this story is a pretty satisfying resolution to things left unfinished in the comic.

Fair Winds and Homeward Sail. This is a novel-length (nearly 50000 words) prequel and outsider POV to Persuasion, mostly from the perspective of Mrs. Croft. Very well-written and completely delightful, it has everything you might want in a Regency/Age of Sail novel: romance, naval careers, research details in slang and period references. I know the audience for this among my recs-readers is probably smaller than for a thousand words of Nimona breathing fire but if you *are* in the audience for this one you definitely want to read it.

Dissuasion. I also liked this short look at Anne in the years between.

New Beginnings. Monstrous Regiment post-canon, Polly/Mal, 4K. I like this one because it also has some good Sergeant Polly bits.

Winter Quarters. Polly/Mal, 5K. This one is a bit meandering but I like Polly in it at the end.

Kisses Don't Last (Except When They Do). Polly/Mal, 23K. This is the best of them, long and very funny and full of romantic yearning. Polly gets invited to Ankh Morpork and meets Angua and Death and I have said before that I don't ever need to read another vampire romance story but this one does great things with it.

Dark City. One Discworld story that isn't Polly/Mal. This is about Vimes and Sybil and Vetinari and the rise of the popular novel in Ankh Morpork and it's a bit long (11K) for its heft but has a couple of really good lines.
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The Honorable Thing. Okay, this is a Jeeves & Wooster A/B/O fic. Definitely not to everybody's taste but it's *hilarious* if you're familiar with both of those things.

Jeeves and the Yuletide Gifts. More Jeeves and Wooster, this time the slash is implied but not explicit. 5500 words about a poetry exchange, perfectly done.

Kushiel's Keys is a really interesting AU to Kushiel's Justice that won't make a bit of sense unless you remember the plot of that pretty well (but basically, Dorelei lives and Imriel has two kids running around in Alba). 8K words.

The Chicken and Egg Question. I don't really remember the details of Ladyhawke well enough for most stories to work for me, but this was funny.

A Second, Better. Fanny Price is by far the most insufferable Austen heroine, a sanctimonious prig with a pretty tedious romance (the only good line of which in the Mansfield Park movie turns out to not even be in the book), but the writing is very impressive in this long-ish (7.5K) AU where she doesn't marry Edmund.

Broad Upon the Wintry Ocean. Moby Dick AU in which Ishmael does not escape alone to tell thee. Ishmael/Queequeg.

An International Incident. In which Azaz and the Mathemagician disagree about e and i.

From the Mountains of Un. More Phantom Tollbooth fic in which a scientist defeats a Pay-Wall.

Songs of Innocence and Experience. Twisty mind-fucky little piece about Hook and Pan.

An Awfully Long Time. More Peter Pan, about Wendy and growing up.

And All Things Nice. Peter Pan canon really really believes in gender. What if everybody's a girl?

Bisou, bisou. Why have I never really thought about Fezzik/Inigo before this year? Princess Bride.

Reason And. Especially if we're now calling them Rhyming Pirate Husbands.

Piece of Work. Short about Susan Calvin of Robots.

the play's the thing. I never thought much about Tom before Fire and Hemlock, but I think this is exactly right.

Old Kingdom. There are seven of these and I'm recommending all but the Clariel one (because I still haven't finished that).

Enter World, Light Unshown. How Sabriel discovers she's pregnant.

Glass Sky. Lirael has a library adventure. Stay for the part with Sam.

Shaping the Path. Lirael finding her way after the books.

Carol of the Bells. Scenes from Sabriel's life, mostly before the books.

The Eighth Bell. Post-Abhorsen. If you only read one, read this one, this is such a neat idea - making a new bell for Mogget.

I Sing Anyway. Also post-Abhorsen. This is Sam/Nick in a kind of painful way that doesn't just magically tidy away Lirael. And there is magical misadventure.


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