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So this is basically the rest of my recs this year, with the exception of like five long stories I haven't read yet but might rec once I do.

three good Mike/Rome Magic Mike pre-canon stories

Shadows Thrown By Lightning, Newsflesh, "fictional Fictionals writing Real Person Fiction about other fictional people".

Savage Lovecast Episode 69: Pounded in the Butt by Savage Lovecast Episode 69 [Transcript].

Two for Tea, Questionable Content, Faye/Bubbles.

take my arms that I might reach you, also QC Faye/Bubbles.

Costis Ormentiedes and the Thief of Eddis, Queen's Thief fusion with Harry Potter, whee.

The Morn Is Hallowday, Tam Lin, Molly and Tina discuss.

The Reward of Service, Temeraire, Lawrence/Tharkay.

impediments, more Temeraire Lawrence/Tharkay.

A Dinner for Eleanor Marx, Tipping the Velvet, Nan/Florence.

His Feet Can't Touch The Ground, Turn of the Story, Elliot/Luke.

We've Only Just Begun, Turn of the Story, Elliot/Luke.

Spymaster's Duties, Tortall/Trickster books, Dove-centric.

Plans and Proposals, Uprooted, Kasia/Alosha.

The River's Daughter, Uprooted, Agnieszka.

Many Havens, Valdemar, Tylendal Lives AU.

Self-Reliance, Valdemar, Kethry and Tarma.

Never Getting Back Together, Vorkosigan, Aral writes to Captain Awkward.

Only Memories Mine, Vorkosigan, Aral, Simon, Jole, oh my.

The Huntsman's Reel, Vorkosigan, Alys being badass.

Interspecies Anatomy Lessons, Wayfarers, Rosemary/Sissix.

A House For Me, The Woman In The Wall. This story is by me!
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Fed by Fables. I liked this Philadelphia Story story in which Tracy Lord's little sister is a newly-published writer corresponding with Mike Connor.

A Change of Allegiance. I like this little Persuasion postscript.

Scenes From A Marriage: The Hundred Days. Do you want Anne Elliot taking up arms in an Age of Sail nautical adventure and also negotiating some sexual exploration with Wentworth? Hell yes you do.

Long Live the King. An Old Kingdoms story about Touchstone, immediately after the events of Sabriel, struggling with kingship. Well-written and vivid, highly recommended.

Home (Is the Place You Return To). I don't really like Nimona stories that forget that Nimona is a monster, but this one is so well-constructed and charming I'm recommending it anyways.

Black Flag, and this one, which focuses on Ballister and Goldenloin.

"Just because it says READ ME". I have no idea if this is any good but it's a Nethack story and so I'm leaving it here for Chaos.

sea of islands, Moon, Sam/Sam.

mine own and not mine own, Midsummer Night's Dream OT4 morning-after modern AU.

And a story by me: Pas De Trois. Leviathan, Deryn/Lilit with background Deryn/Alek. A prison break caper story.
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Posted some short Check Please nonsense to AO3 (Outlook Hazy, Hazeapalooza G-rated kink) and noticed it was my 100th story! So clearly time for some unbecoming self-absorption.

Most hits and kudos: Eight Principles of Yong. Gen about a popular character in a medium-large fandom, ha-hey? But, no, look, if I was going to a fandom gathering and I was going to be represented by my most popular story I'd be pretty happy to have this on my nametag. I like this Zuko, I like the story conceit, I like that I had this story kicking around in my brain for a long time but I did finally get it written unlike my big ATLA future AU I only ever wrote tiny bits of. (And, okay, the inner attention dolphin loves how many people have apparently enjoyed this story, that is a lot of tasty fish.)

Thing I love the most that people like the least: Gull and Dust, Shadow, Mallorn, Tower, and Sea, my post-LOTR "going over the sea" stories. Some people did read Gull, probably coming in from the Gimli/Legolas tag, but only a very few people ever read Dust and, man, I don't know. I just love it so much. LOTR is *such* a core work in my reading life, and to have come up with something I wanted to *say* about it, that's so satisfying to me. Gull is also *tiny* and I will probably never hit that level of punch per word again.

Most frustrating fandom: Huge, because I wrote a bunch of stories because I was doing this writing contest thing as part of a whole "trying to boost interest in the fandom" thing, and also wrote a pairing I wasn't crazy about for Yuletide, but none of them are the stories I really wanted to tell and I never did get around to writing those and the inner attention dolphin feels pretty strongly I should chase fishier waters now. But, like, *so many good ideas*, wah.

Most mind-blowing thing that will ever happen to me in any fandom: when Scott Westerfeld Tweeted about Interesting Facts About The London Zoo. "Fanfic of great perspicacity." What, you didn't think that was going to be on here somewhere? Seriously, THAT HAPPENED. Twenty years from now I will probably be like "THAT HAPPENED". Also unlike Huge I have *not* given up and I'm still going to finish my last three Leviathan stories because even if the whole Westerfeld thing had never happened it's maybe the core fandom of my heart, like, the cross of "how much I love the source material" and "how much I love the stories I've told in it", there may be more fish elsewhere but bury me in Leviathan fandom.

Runner up: Check Please fandom. Where I am... talking... to people? Like I am in some sort of community or something? I've heard of this in fandom but... have never really been that person but... it's neat? I mean, I have gone into fandoms *with* friends, I started writing in the first place for friends, but they were prior friends. I don't know. I may also be confused by shifting formality norms in paratextual conversation but honestly even being "in" fandom in any significant way is kind of new and different, I've been pretty lurkery in reading and hit-and-run in writing. I guess when I hit 200 stories in another ten years I'll have a better picture of what happened here in retrospect ::grin::.
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I seem to have one story in me per Marvel movie these days? Or at least I wrote about Maria Hill, after Avengers, and I wrote about SHIELD, after Winter Soldier.

This is about Tony, after Age of Ultron.
there the true Silence is. 400 words, angst, movie spoilers.
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Sooo I wrote this giant Check Please story. 35000 words, which I'm honestly kind of psyched about - like, I feel like I managed the pacing pretty well (although it was super-simple, structurally) and that's halfway to a novel? Go me? Anyways:

Exeunt, Pursued By Heteronormativity.
Shitty/Lardo, Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo/Jack/Bitty OT4, Lardo eventually gets gender-neutral pronouns, there's a road trip, there's a bear. Probably if you care enough about Check Please to want to read this, you don't need me telling you about it here, but here I am anyways.

Also also I got podficced again! I haven't listened to it but it's my dialogue-only Girl Genius story so... it's probably pretty short? As always, it amazes me that anyone wants to do this for my fic. You can hear it here.
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The Marvelous Fit of the Organism (To His Environment), my Leviathan story about Alek dealing with grief and culture shock, read by jelazakazone.

I don't actually listen to podfic (I have spoken-audio issues) but I am thrilled and flattered that someone wanted to put in the time and effort to record my story.
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Yeah, I know I posted 17000 words of something yesterday, but I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could still tell a story without having to spell out what everybody had for breakfast.

Also I promised myself threesome porn once I finished watching Agent Carter, and here it is. Although as is typical for me it is not so much "porn" as "a bunch of people talking and the implication that somebody has possibly ever or will in the future have sex".

Double Exposure (Ten Conversations). 1300 words. Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, former Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes.
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Funny story: I write "The Things We Did And Didn't Do", think I've said everything I possibly have to say about Jack and Bitty, and now I can get back to actually working on one of my WIPs or an Agents of SHIELD bunny or... anything.


This is the longest thing I've ever finished and posted (although not the longest thing I've ever written). Is it any good? I have no idea, but I've been pretty goddamn submerged in it for the last two weeks, so I hope it's at least interesting.

Thin Ice, 17000 words of Check Please alternate universe shenanigans. Completely, utterly unreadable if you don't follow Check Please.

I'm not usually one to beg for comments (except, uh, by posting my stories in the first place) but this is by far the longest thing I've ever not had betaed, so if anyone does read it and has feedback I'd love to hear what didn't work.
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I wrote a thing: 1400 words of Iris internal monologue on the inevitability of Iris/Barry. I wanted to imagine an Iris who's a little bit different than the one I think we're about to get on the show; an Iris who's never been clueless, who just legitimately wasn't ready to settle down as a teenager. Also I've been totally blocked on anything with actual plot and dialogue and stuff.

The Only Door That Matters. Post episode 1x13.
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Authors are revealed, here is my story. I wrote 10K words of post-Wings in the Morning Turn of the Story story for emilyenrose ( writer of such excellent long Steve/Bucky stories as Out of the Dead Land (doppelganger robots) and Memory (versions of selves), both of which I recommend if you're reading post-Winter Soldier fic). My story will not make any sense if you haven't read both Wings in the Morning and Turn of the Story, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Further On, 10K words of Luke trying to sort out his love life, post-camp career plans, and a bit of an interdimensional/alternate-history mix-up.
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New thirtyfic! The Things We Did And Didn't Do, about Eric Bittle from the webcomic Check Please. 6400 words, all audiences, Shitty talks Bitty into attending Samwell Alum Weekend 2025.
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New 30fic!

In The Service Of Life. Young Wizards, Nita/Kit, 4500 words, sexual content. Asexuality, sex pollen, making babies.

"Nita is well over the line into the territory of things they don't really do any more."

This is the one I mentioned the other day that never had a throughline. I don't know why, after seven years of part of one scene of this sitting around in my head, the story-solving hamsters decided to run on this particular wheel, but I'm not going to say no to a sudden inspiration about what kind of story something wants to be.
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In honor of getting all of my old fanfic uploaded to AO3, both the vanishing point-era stuff and 2007-2009 only-on-lj stuff, two never-before-on-the-internet stories.

Born is the very first piece of fanfiction I ever finished, a Chronicles of Prydain what-if. I mention it not as recommended reading (I don't; I have apparently learned something about writing since 2001, go me) but because I think it's funny that it's high-concept gen about death, like, apparently all those slightly later early stories about boys kissing were really just a detour before I got back to my core competencies ::grin::.

Thirty Is A Labyrinth, on the other hand, is the first new 30fic story in five years (!), and is about Sarah from Labyrinth, and her student loans. 1500 words.

And yes, I have not given up on the 30fic project and do still hope to finish the remaining nine stories. (Two of which have been through multiple false starts, two of which I've thought about a lot in my head but not written down, one of which I've just never had a good sense of the throughline, and the last four of which are more or less up for grabs, so if anyone has a character they're dying to see thirtyfied, feel free to tell me in a comment and I'll see if it sparks an idea.)

And now, the thing I really wanted all my old stuff uploaded to AO3 for - statistics! 90 stories and over 206000 words! So my average story is a bit under 2300 words long. and hate the bright stillness of the noon, which was up on the archive before this whole import thing, is still the longest, at 12500 words, and is the only one to clear 10K. Gull is the second-shortest, at 173 words (and is still, to my biased eye, pretty much perfect). And there is a complete gap chronologically between 2003 and 2007. I had sort of known that, I guess, but had mostly forgotten about it, or how long it was.
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Five SHIELD Agents Who Don't Look For New Jobs is 850 words of post-Captain America: the Winter Soldier MCU fic with major spoilers for the movie. Featuring Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, and others. Gen, all audiences.
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I wrote for Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia this year!

Brothers and Sisters is 1300 words of Iskryne fic - basically the Alfgyfa-gets-a-wolf premise I always thought someone should write. Plus Fargrimr, because yay bonus genderfuckery.
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The first bit of this is actually the first thing I ever wrote in the Leviathan-verse, but I always wanted there to be a bit more to it than just the initial gag, and I finally figured out what that was.

Protection. 450 words, Deryn/Alek, dialogue-only, sexual content.

Protection on the AO3.
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This is one of the big Leviathan stories I've been working on for awhile. (And is an obscure crossover, because why not.)

Fandoms: Leviathan, The Green Fields of France (Song)
Word Count: 5000
Ships: Deryn/Alek

Scouting For Boys

In 1916, Lord Baden-Powell holds an encampment for specially-selected Scouts from all over Great Britain, plus two last-minute additions foisted on him by Dr. Barlow, whose trainee spies need to learn some wilderness skills. Excerpts from the diary of one of the other attendees, one William McBride, aged 19.
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Approximately a million years ago, [ profile] carpenter betaed a story for me, and I offered her fic as a thank-you, and she asked for Sokka/Zuko, not too angsty. This is... honestly pretty angsty, but (SPOILERS) Aang is totally going to save everybody, they'll be fine.

Like Warriors, 650 words of Sokka/Zuko, facing the end like warriors. (With poetry.) Thank you, [ profile] carpenter.
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This is barely a story, it's a pair of short scenes, but, enh, I am maybe experimenting with a thing where I finish some of these not-quite-a-story things and get them out of my WIP folder, like, I want to try out the idea that I can post something to AO3 if I think even one other person might enjoy reading it.

if that's where you're going I guess I better get a map is a 400 word Teen Wolf story about Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles and parenting choices. Nope, I've never seen the show, but I do read in the fandom, and... thing. (Okay, true confession: I had a dream about the first scene, and spent the rest of the day thinking about whether I would want to turn into a werewolf if my kids did.)


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