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LJ keeps not wanting to let me post this, grr.

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I guess it's time to actually finish these.

Legend of Korra - "Day of the Colossus"
Legend of Korra - "The Last Stand"
Legend of Korra - "Venom of the Red Lotus"
Agents of SHIELD - "Turn, Turn, Turn"
Agents of SHIELD - "What They Become"

I admit I'm not passionately devoted to those particular Agents of SHIELD episodes - it's more that I like the idea of recognizing that SFF fandom likes shows other than Game of Who, and those seem like episodes SHIELD fans might be able to get behind. I mean, I did think the tie-in between the show and CA:TWS was neat and "Turn Turn Turn" seems like the right ep to award for that, but in general, I don't know, it's very hard to pick out an individual chunk of something I enjoy in its ongoingness.

The Legend of Korra finale on the other hand was the best thing to happen to my short-dramatic-presentation-watching eyeballs in 2014, no qualifiers.
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Aka, "open fic season until season two, yeeeeeeha".

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Five SHIELD Agents Who Don't Look For New Jobs is 850 words of post-Captain America: the Winter Soldier MCU fic with major spoilers for the movie. Featuring Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, and others. Gen, all audiences.
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I guess I haven't been reviewing episodes, because I've been writing fic instead. I like this show! I am fannish about this show! Since there was no new episode this week, let me rec some fanfic instead.

Redistribution. Short and hysterical - the team somehow become the Avengers.

Six times Melinda May spent time with a member of the Avengers Initiative. The end of this just kills me. Note, this is from mid-October, so out of continuity with more recent episodes.

Every Single Tree. In contrast, I don't get the punchline of this one at all, but I liked it as an early entry into the Ward Shipping Sweepstakes, going through why Ward isn't with anyone on the team.

One of the things I like about Agents of SHIELD fandom is that, so far at least, there isn't an OTP dominating everyone's writing. Well, that's not true - Clint/Coulson is a huge pairing in MCU fandom in general, and so Clint/Coulson stories are still dominating SHIELD fandom. But otherwise, among the non-Coulson characters, people are writing Ward/Simmons, and Fitz/Simmons, and Ward/Skye, and Simmons/Skye, etc. I have not been keeping good notes on what I've liked of the shippier stuff, but I recall this one:

if i drown tonight is Skye/Ward and gets the voices just right.

The Best Bad Ideas is Clint/Coulson, but it's Copperbadge, so really good, and has great lines for many of the SHIELD characters.

And now we must talk about porn. Sabinelagrande seems to be working on writing super-hot porn for every possible pairing, or at least many of them? Or possibly mostly the ones involving Coulson? Automatic Locks is Skye/Coulson. Big Talk is Coulson/everybody. Amateurs is Skye/Ward. Randomly Generated is Coulson/Fitz/Simmons. Saving the best for last, She Walked Like a Woman is Coulson/Clint/Lola. Yes, the car. It is HILARIOUS and excellent and a must-read if you read explicit fic in this fandom at all.
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Unanswerable question: why do I title so many stories with words beginning with "un"? (Unclaimed Luggage, Unlock the moon, and now Unexploded.) Possible answer: I like the inherent plot built in to those words, that there's something that could happen that hasn't.

Anyways. Unexploded Human Ordnance at the AO3. This is an Agents of SHIELD story in the same series as the ficlet I posted here the other day, although it actually takes place earlier. Uh, the *gen* ficlet. (The other one might also turn into a series, we shall see.) 3800 words, no warnings.
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Liked it, best yet! Although spoilers )
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Gravity was amaaaaaaazing. If you like space at all you must see this movie (in a theater, in 3D). spoilers ) I guess there is debate over whether or not it's "really science fiction" but all I can say is I will be nominating it for a long form dramatic Hugo and if my fellow voters agree it was clearly sf *enough*. (But, seriously, it takes place in space, in an alternate future in which the shuttle program wasn't cancelled, what more do you want.)

Episode 3 of Agents of SHIELD was better than episode 2, which seems like the right direction. The show spoilers )


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