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New thirtyfic! The Things We Did And Didn't Do, about Eric Bittle from the webcomic Check Please. 6400 words, all audiences, Shitty talks Bitty into attending Samwell Alum Weekend 2025.
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New 30fic!

In The Service Of Life. Young Wizards, Nita/Kit, 4500 words, sexual content. Asexuality, sex pollen, making babies.

"Nita is well over the line into the territory of things they don't really do any more."

This is the one I mentioned the other day that never had a throughline. I don't know why, after seven years of part of one scene of this sitting around in my head, the story-solving hamsters decided to run on this particular wheel, but I'm not going to say no to a sudden inspiration about what kind of story something wants to be.
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In honor of getting all of my old fanfic uploaded to AO3, both the vanishing point-era stuff and 2007-2009 only-on-lj stuff, two never-before-on-the-internet stories.

Born is the very first piece of fanfiction I ever finished, a Chronicles of Prydain what-if. I mention it not as recommended reading (I don't; I have apparently learned something about writing since 2001, go me) but because I think it's funny that it's high-concept gen about death, like, apparently all those slightly later early stories about boys kissing were really just a detour before I got back to my core competencies ::grin::.

Thirty Is A Labyrinth, on the other hand, is the first new 30fic story in five years (!), and is about Sarah from Labyrinth, and her student loans. 1500 words.

And yes, I have not given up on the 30fic project and do still hope to finish the remaining nine stories. (Two of which have been through multiple false starts, two of which I've thought about a lot in my head but not written down, one of which I've just never had a good sense of the throughline, and the last four of which are more or less up for grabs, so if anyone has a character they're dying to see thirtyfied, feel free to tell me in a comment and I'll see if it sparks an idea.)

And now, the thing I really wanted all my old stuff uploaded to AO3 for - statistics! 90 stories and over 206000 words! So my average story is a bit under 2300 words long. and hate the bright stillness of the noon, which was up on the archive before this whole import thing, is still the longest, at 12500 words, and is the only one to clear 10K. Gull is the second-shortest, at 173 words (and is still, to my biased eye, pretty much perfect). And there is a complete gap chronologically between 2003 and 2007. I had sort of known that, I guess, but had mostly forgotten about it, or how long it was.
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This one's a character that didn't even exist when I started these, but what the hey. By the way, I welcome comments even if they're not glowingly appreciative, like "I didn't really care for this one" or "your dialogue is clunky" or whatever - that would be interesting to know, and might influence future installments (I wrote the birds into 30.19 trying to hit a Josh-pleasing ratio of action to backstory...). Also: headers? Why not.

Who's Thirty: James T. Kirk
From: Star Trek: Reboot
Word Count: 163
Warnings: none

Years later, Kirk... )
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So, back before a couple of other things happened, I was working on this little project writing fanfiction about characters when they were thirty or turning thirty.

This is the nineteenth of those stories, about Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean, warnings for sexual content, children in danger, lack of beta-reading. About 8300 words.

Elizabeth wakes up )
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Who's 30: River from Firefly.
Word Count: 100/111/100.
Warnings/Notes: all audiences.

triptych )
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Who's 30: Pippi Longstocking (maybe).
Word Count: about 5300.
Warnings/Notes: all audiences, epistolary.
Thanks to [ profile] sofer for suggesting Pippi as a 30 character.

Dear Tom, )
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The fifteenth story; halfway to thirty. He-Man (30.9) was probably the earliest of these fandoms for me ; I think I was about six when I used to play with the boy across the street. He was always He-Man and I was the Sorceress and his little sister was Teela (I guess we were pretty gender-inflexible back then). Avatar is certainly the most recent fandom: I just watched the first four episodes last weekend!

Because I'm such a newbie to Avatar, you might as well consider this story AU after those first four episodes, although I have skimmed a few fics (and some squeeing from [ profile] ali_wildgoose that got me interested in the first place) and checked a few facts on wikipedia. It doesn't deliberately diverge from canon beyond that, but it may well. I would welcome comments but if anyone who does know the show would try to avoid major spoilers, that would be much appreciated.

Katara likes to get everyone in one place a couple of times a day )


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