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Apr. 9th, 2017 08:52 am
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A new school year was starting, but I had forgotten to register, although I knew I could still register late. (I was sort of both a kid and my adult self, it happens.) Familiar enough as a dream-theme for me so far. But then it turned out there was this younger kid ("a first grader") also hiding in the library and classrooms instead of going to school, and I was going to see if I could teach her math, so I wanted to start by figuring out what she already knew, and we were going to start with the real basics - I was going to write down the counting numbers 0-10 (okay 0 not a counting number usually but in my dream it was) and see if she knew them. But I couldn't write them down in order, I tried a couple of times and they kept coming out weird and out of order. "Oh," I figured out, "We're in a dream so math doesn't work right here, I'm sorry." She started crying and saying she was so sad to be stuck in my dream where she was never going to get to learn math. I told her that it was okay, out in the real world, her real self had grown up and gotten to learn lots of math. The weird thing is is that I woke up and had no idea who the kid was - in the dream, it had been very clear that this was someone I knew in real life, but I guess my brain didn't actually pick a person. Anyways, friends, I am so glad you all got to grow up in a world where math works and you got to learn it. :)

This post is also a test of cross-posting and of what happens with spoiler cuts in cross-posting; I saw something very convoluted about that in someone else's post and I'm sort of dreading it being that complicated. (But seems like something I'd have to figure out if I wanted to cross-post.)

So this is one test, of the dreamwidth cut tag.
You should have stopped reading by now...
This is another test, of the lj cut tag.
Okay, done for now.


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