Feb. 12th, 2017

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No short fiction recs tonight, sorry, maybe tomorrow, although we're having another snow day so who knows.

I've been thinking a lot about hypocrisy, the "you were fine when Obama did it" retort pro-deportation people keep bringing up, and complacency, Andrew Sullivan writing about how in a stable democracy, you can safely ignore the news, but that "you" really only ever applied to white dudes and affluent white women. And, like, it's true! I didn't protest Obama's ICE raids (or drone strikes - honestly I was more aware and concerned about the drone strikes, not that I ever did anything about them), and my political activity was pretty much just voting/charitable donations/signing online petitions/occasionally writing letters to a rep or governor or something. I went to two protests in 16 years. And I don't mean to defend any of that, I guess I just find it interesting to think about having turned the corner into This Is A Crisis, Oh Shit mode (which for me was I guess some time in Sept/Oct, whenever it was I started volunteering for Hillary?), not in a regretful way either, just, I don't know, here in my lj I get to navel-gaze about what is feeling right now like a significant life change, that "how is the resistance doing" is now like this central and crucial thing.

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