Feb. 10th, 2017

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Thus concludes a second magazine! My goal is to finish Clarkesworld and Uncanny by next Saturday and call it a year for short fiction, maybe one more post of miscellany or things from the Locus list from other magazines that looked interesting.

Applied Cenotaphics in the Long, Long Longitudes, Vajra Chandrasekera. Posthumans, art, and decolonization in this interesting story.

The Witch's Knives, Margaret Ronald. Beauty and the Beast retell/subversion.

A Spell to Retrieve Your Lover from the Bottom of the Sea, Ada Hoffmann. Powerful metaphor-allegory thingy, dang.

The Wreck at Goat's Head, Alexandra Manglis. Poignant, and simple, and vivid, and, I don't know, this is the third diving story to really speak to me, apparently diving is a thing for me? In the way that, say, circus stories, are not? I like the art, too. Susie Oh.

The Dancer on the Stairs, Sarah Tolmie. Mannerpunk plus kind of a portal fantasy? (Mannerpunk being the subgenre that's into imaginary etiquette and rituals.) If you like Goblin Emperor or Ursula LeGuin writing about sedoretu you might really like this; I did. *NOVELETTE

Das Steingeschöpf, G.V. Anderson. Fantasy artisans in an all too real Germany between the wars.

Esmeralda, Tamara Romero. I was totally able to read this and understand it! There were words/phrases I didn't know, but could guess at from context, and when I read the translation I basically had everything right! Go go reading comprehension! That said, a) it took foreeeever and so I'm just going to read the other Spanish stories in translation, b) I don't "get" this story, like, I know what it says, but it didn't make any more narrative sense to me in English than it had in Spanish. So I'm not actually reccing it, I just wanted to brag about Duolingo apparently actually having revived my high school Spanish to the point where I can read a not-complicated short story.


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