Jan. 17th, 2017

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Am I taking a sign to the march on Saturday? I find myself at a loss to come up with one pithy statement of what I'm marching for. "RIP Democracy" seems a little too discouraging to others who might be there with hope and energy for activism. I care a lot about abortion rights and that's an issue that could use some people holding signs for it but I'm also terrified of unscripted social encounters and that feels... more likely to draw attention than some other possible choices. I care a lot about climate action but that's not really what I feel like I'm protesting for here. The disability activism movement is a part of why I'm not still languishing in Objectivist jackassery (er, no offense to current/ongoing O'ists) but I'm probably too ignorant to make a good sign. Sort of leaning towards either marching signless, or going really general with "promote the general Welfare" which is from the Preamble and also part of why I am not still languishing etc and, like, if anything, that feels like the overarching argument I am making - that our government is supposed to promote the general fucking Welfare, and has apparently forgotten that.


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